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Our core technical expertise is in developing, manufacturing, and delivering conductive polymer and ceramic coatings and adhesives within a competitive pricing structure. The Applied Technologies product line includes various thick film and precious metal materials, dielectric coatings, conductive and non-conductive epoxies, among various other customizable formulations for the electronic industry.

Corporate History

Applied Technologies, Inc. came about from the 1988 reorganization of the fortune 500 company "AMETEK, Inc.". The new down-sized AMETEK then closed down the "Applied Materials" division which had functioned as a corporate Research and Development center for the various divisions. Key managerial and technical personnel then purchased part of the assets of the division and formed "Applied Technologies, Inc.". The company has since used its vast technical resources to develop a full line of specialty materials, inks, and coatings which it now manufactures for use in the electronic component industry. Products include precious metal electrode inks, EMI shielding paints, protective coatings, specialty marking inks, and conductive epoxies, coatings, and lubricants. Our heavily experienced technical staff of chemists and engineers can assist you in selecting a material to best meet your particular requirements. Inquiries and requests for additional information are cordially invited and should be directed to our Research and Development group in Exton, Pennsylvania.

Al Zelinski
Dan Egan

Al Zelinski founded Applied Technologies through the 1988 reorganization of the fortune 500 company AMETEK, Inc. - a company in which he had previously been employed in various managerial positions. Eager to expand upon the Research and Development aspect of the division, Al aimed at implementing the vast technical resources of the new company to provide a customized line of specialty materials, inks, coatings, and adhesives for the electronic component industry. 

A graduate of Philadelphia College of Textile & Science, he holds a duel BS Degree in Chemistry and Textile Chemistry. Prior to working at Ametek, he held various Technical positions at Electro Science Laboratories, Heraeus Cermalloy, Johnson Matthey and Metech - which he also co-founded.

​Today, Applied Technologies is a leading provider for many top companies within the industry, and has developed over 100 products over the last 25 years. With continuous efforts being placed within Research and Development, our product capabilities are boundless.



Dan Egan is VP and Chief Operating Officer. Having spearheaded this department from the very beginning, Dan plays an invaluable role in overseeing material manufacturing practices, Quality Control assurance, as well as material improvement efforts for standard and customized products. Thanks to his outstanding efforts, Applied Technologies has a strong Manufacturing and QC departments that are not only dedicated to surpassing quality standards, but in finding new improvements to these practices every day to further grow our reputation for excellence.

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